Create Your Laptop Lifestyle!


I am Ganesh Rao, I can be your best friend online.


Because I live off the net, literally.

Since 2011, I have created myself a very very decent online income so that, I need not have to wake up to a clock or obey a boss.

My sweetheart bosses me around sometimes, apart from that I am my own boss.

I have a fantastic home and a home office on the first floor. So, my commute from home to office is just 15 steps may be. I am sure, you would love to have that as an option.


See, internet is the biggest revolution mankind has ever seen.

More millionaires are created on the internet in a short span of 10-15 years than from all the ages.

So, internet is my saviour because I am a bit lazy and I hate to take orders from anybody.

And, by any chance, if you are lazy or not but wish to have a lifestyle like mine, I can help you with that desire.

Before choosing Internet Marketing as my only source of income, I have ventured in to many sorts of income creation…



Network Marketing,


You name it.

But never was I as successful and peaceful as I am now in Internet Marketing.

Why, because, I love Internet Marketing.

Like somebody said, “Find a thing you love to do and you need not have to work for a day in your life.” Because work becomes fun.

For example, I am smiling while writing this articles, reading it to myself and thinking how funny all this is. And this is all I have to do to create my income online.

This is all you need to do to create yourself a “Laptop Lifestyle.”

Because, branding yourself and creating an avid fan following is one of the keys to success online in the long run..



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